Digital Signage Sheffield

With so many digital signage Sheffield companies to choose from it can be difficult to find the right company for your business signage. We’d like to welcome you to Kingstal! We believe you’ve found the right company for your digital signage project.

We’re Kingstal, a specialist manufacturer and installation company. We were established in 1985, and from that time to now, we’ve become a trusted partner with many businesses in Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

Digital Signage Sheffield

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is an electronic sign used to convey information about a business. The signs are exterior lighted signage that can be installed in different settings, including museums, corporate spaces, public spaces, for displaying a message, outdoor advertising, and more.

Digital signage can be manufactured with raised letters, as totem signage, illumination (LEDs), and more. The goal of these signs is to create a powerful message geared toward customers and influence their decision-making process through branded lighting. The signage uses branded colours and designs to attract attention to your business.

An illuminated sign is a dynamic advertisement for your business.

The Advantages of Digital Signage Sheffield

Your business needs signage to attract customers and let everyone know where you’re located. When it comes to signs, first impressions count, especially in a competitive market. The goal is to attract attention and establish your brand through a bespoke digital sign. But what are the advantages that come with a digital sign?

Makes Your Business Memorable

Another task for your digital signage is to ensure your business is memorable. A customised digital sign can create a more lasting memory for customers. They’ll remember your company’s sign when it comes time to buy your products or services.

When your business uses the suitable graphics and text, the sign will create a unique, lasting memory of your business and keep customers from remembering nearby businesses.

Cost-Effective Solution

When you purchase signage for your business, you’re making an investment in the future. What could make a better return on investment than a digital sign? While the initial cost may be more than some other kinds of signage, digital signage offers more long-term benefits.

For instance, digital signage is more durable than signs made from other materials. And customers in your area quickly learn that your business is there and ready to offer them high-quality products and services. A digital sign also brings in potential customers who may not know about your business. But that’s OK. The sign may make them more curious about what your company has to offer!

Make Your Business Be Seen

One of the first tasks of a digital sign is to make your business be seen. Illuminated signs are bright and colourful to draw attention and gain visibility. In addition, a lit sign can be seen further away. Today’s modern technology also allows lit signs to be easily seen during daylight hours.

What could be better than your customised sign standing out with greater visibility?

Increased Durability

Digital signage is also more durable than other types of signs. Digital signs are made from long-lasting, modern materials that make the sign stronger and more durable while providing your business with a recognizable lit sign.

Attract Attention

Digital signage is also a great way to attract attention to your business. A customised sign for your business gives it a unique flare that’s easier to remember.

The right digital sign for your company uses company branding, including artwork, colours, and more. When these design elements are used correctly, your digital signage is sure to attract plenty of attention and new business.

Why Choose Kingstal Digital Signage Sheffield?

There are many reasons to choose Kingstal over other digital signage companies. For one thing, we’ve been in business since 1985, and we offer several types of signs to choose from, including the following:


Our illumination digital signage is made with a wide range of LEDS. We work with some of the leading brands and experts in the industry. We’re confident we can meet your signage needs.

Totem Signage

We also offer totem signage from 2m to 14m, with no limits on how unique your sign can be. We can supply all your totem signage needs.

We work to BS EN 1090 regulations, with the legal requirements for structural works to be CE marked. We also offer in-house design services, and we can create a sample design with our CAD and 3D modelling software. You can count on our professional team to do site surveys, lift plans, RAMS, and any other paperwork you may require. We make sure your totem sign is manufactured and installed to the highest standards.

Built-Up Letters

We also have several options for built-up letters, and we can meet your requirements. Whatever you need in digital signage, we can make it for you. We have rim & return to halo illuminated, to general fret cut lettering that can be stood off on a fascia.

Our company has the machinery and capabilities to create any type of letters you want.

Gable Signage

We also offer gable digital signage. These signs are a great choice for a wide range of businesses and industries. All our wall-mounted signs are fabricated from various types of extrusion to suit your design requirements, complete with the logo of your choice.

No sign is too small or too large for us. And any steelwork required for the sign is fabricated in line with BS EN 1090 requirements.


At Kingstal, we take pride in being able to help you from the very start of your digital signage project with our in-house design team. We have the latest 3D modelling and Cad. Being experts in structural design, we’re also able to supply you with the confidence that your projects are designed in-line with the latest regulations.

From an original artist’s impression or even a sketch to a full set of supplied fabrication drawings, Kingstal can supply you with everything you need. We eliminate the need for multiple contractors to create your beautiful digital signage.

If you’d like to learn more about our digital signage services, contact us today! We’re ready to answer your questions and explain about the signage creation process. We’re looking forward to working with you!

Kingstal eliminate the need for multiple contractors to be involved in your bespoke project.

We boast extensive project management capabilities. Contact us to make your ideas become a reality.



In the UK, welder approval codes are to BS EN and ISO standards, each of our welders have a wide range of coding to cover the wide range of services that we offer. it is a legal requirement for all structural steel to be fabricated to at least execution class 2, and to fabricate to this standard, all welds must be to the correct procedures.


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Cert no. 15650

Cert no. 15650