Case studies

La Doria

Kingstal were approached by our client with an artist’s impression of how the finished high-level sign was to look. Acting as a trade partner, under the strictest of confidence, we carried out an in-depth survey of the site and building and designed the sign and additional support frameworks. Taking into consideration the methods that would need to be used in order to safely gain access, lift the sign into place and fix the sign to the building. Kingstal also added into the design the most cost-effective design for future maintenance by using the longest life LEDs available in order to keep future maintenance costs to a minimum.

The client was delighted that the installation was completed in less than 2 days with minimal disruption to the site and well within their anticipated budget.

Kingstal eliminate the need for multiple contractors to be involved in your project.

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In the UK, welder approval codes are to BS EN and ISO standards, each of our welders have a wide range of coding to cover the wide range of services that we offer. it is a legal requirement for all structural steel to be fabricated to at least execution class 2, and to fabricate to this standard, all welds must be to the correct procedures.


Cert no. 15650

Cert no. 15650

Cert no. 15650