Case studies

Newcastle Airport Arch

From the initial enquiry all the way through to install day, every member of Kingstal understood that this would be no easy run of the mill sign. Newcastle Airport had requested a centre piece, an iconic display to set them apart. Something that national visitors could enjoy time and time again, and something international travellers could gaze at in amazement. Something that replicated the architectural marvel of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. Our trade partner gave them just that with their concept design. And now Kingstal Ltd with all our expertise had to develop and fabricate the inspiration from the concept proof and turn it into a structural reality.

Initial exploratory dig would set the trend for the task ahead, resulting in structural integrity of the sub-base being brought into question by the structural engineer. The outcome of the investigation, resulted in the foundation increasing from 22cube of concrete to nearly 62 cube of concrete, re-enforced rebar cages. Added to a template which in its own right could have been used for a couple of small signs. Oh. And we would need a larger digger for this one…

Whoever said fabrication was easy? With the complexity of the design of this display came the added complication of size.

  • 17m from base plate to base plate.
  • 10m high
  • 750mm square base plates
  • Qty2 UB 533×210 running in parallel up the structure

Built to BS EN 1090 execution class 2 while needing to maintain the perfect parabola, ensuring both sides of the arch maintained its symmetry throughout. All ordered and in place while we contemplated the mammoth task of just the setting out for assembly.

With a top aluminium cladding section which runs wide at the bottom and narrow as it reaches the summit, and a bottom section which runs opposite, narrow at the bottom and wider at the crescent. The design difficulty would have our design technicians and fabricators working tirelessly to make the parts come together in a way that had no visible fixings. To make things a little trickier, we needed to integrate a colour changing LED system on the outer edge.  Needing to work in the tightest of spaces, the LED needed to give the airport as much colour flexibility as possible, while being kept in place with an acrylic diffusing system. Oh.  And it needed to have no face fixings?

Installation day and we needed to transport the arch in 4 sections. 2 lower legs, the top arch and the middle screen mount section.  For this leviathan, we needed 2 super low loading articulated wagons with HIAB’s, a rigid with HIAB, and 2 Genie 45’s, a crew to load and a separate installation crew.  With everyone and the equipment in place, and traffic management arranged by our partner, we needed to command most of the roundabout at Newcastle Airport into the night.

Kingstal have pulled together many trades and skills needed to make this project a success including:

  • Fabricated mild steel and Powder coated Aluminium panels
  • LED illumination
  • Groundworks with rebar and concrete
  • Installation

All handled and managed internally by our ever growing and experienced staff. Have a project in mind, why not send us an email by clicking on this link to see how we can turn your or your clients project into a reality.

Kingstal eliminate the need for multiple contractors to be involved in your project.

We boast extensive project management capabilities. Contact us to make your ideas become a reality.



In the UK, welder approval codes are to BS EN and ISO standards, each of our welders have a wide range of coding to cover the wide range of services that we offer. it is a legal requirement for all structural steel to be fabricated to at least execution class 2, and to fabricate to this standard, all welds must be to the correct procedures.


Cert no. 15650

Cert no. 15650

Cert no. 15650