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When you’re shopping for sign companies Leeds, it can be pretty tough. It’s hard to find the right sign company, especially in a highly volatile business environment. Choosing the best commercial exterior signage can also be quite time-consuming.

However, you can do the work of finding the right sign companies by calling Kingstal! We’re a signage specialist you can count on.

sign companies leeds

When your business doesn’t have the right type of signage, up to 85% of potential customers may pass your company without a thought every month. That’s a lot of business to let pass by. However, you can turn things around by purchasing a well-designed sign for your business.

You already have an excellent business location, so why not make it work to your advantage? Custom signage can make your business stand out in a crowded market and give you a chance to convert potential customers into paying customers. In addition, your company can make a visual statement with a bespoke exterior sign with your company branding and logo! What a great way to attract new customers!

What to Look for in Sign Companies?

Most sign companies Leeds provide more than one service. For instance, they may offer an in-house design team, manufacture the signs themselves, and more. Here are some tips to help you find the right company for your business signage:

Customer Focus

Any sign company must be focused on the customer and their needs. Consider that your sign is a one-off product tailored to your brand. In order to create such a sign, the business must listen to your needs and offer advice and guidance when needed. Your goal is to have the right sign—this is a large investment in your business, and it needs to be done right.

The sign companies may all do a good job; however, the right company is the one that puts you first and makes the signage creation process hassle-free. They should be friendly and helpful and be there when you need them. The right signage company takes care of the entire process, including dealing with permits, approvals, project management, and more.

Sign Variety

Many sign companies offer distinctive signs; however, the right sign company offers a wide choice of signage for your business. As you choose the sign company for your company, find out if they’re comfortable constructing and installing signs of any height, style, and complexity.

In addition, a sign company should also offer in-house designers. This makes the business a one-stop shop for getting your signage. There’s no need to deal with others when getting your sign made.

Knowledge of Permit Laws & Ordinances

When you’d like to put up an exterior sign for your business, it may be necessary to get planning permission first. Each locality has its own code details as to the size and mounting of signs. Some places may even have strict laws and standards to preserve historical buildings and maintain a local aesthetic. There may also be rules about lighting and schedules. You won’t know about all of this; however, the right sign company will know about all of this.

An expert sign company will take care of all permits and know the laws about designing and mounting your company sign. They’ll take care of the permit process from beginning to end. And if you don’t own your property, they will also talk with your landlord to obtain the approvals necessary for your company sign.

High-Quality Materials

Materials are essential for a business sign. Not all the sign companies use quality materials. So, it’s essential to find a sign company that uses the best materials possible. It’s true that most signs will look good for a time; however, what will they look like a year or more later? When a sign’s made from the right materials, it should last between eight to 12 years.

When searching through the sign companies Leeds, look for a business that uses high-end materials. Their signs should be durable and last for years. While such materials can be more expensive, they will be stronger and more durable, so you won’t have to replace the sign every 2-3 years.

Experienced Staff

When you’re searching through the sign companies, you’re looking for a business partner that has experienced staff to get the job done right. You want to hire pros with a team of experts that can answer your questions.

A full-service sign company has a team of in-house designers who work with you. The company should also deal with manufacturing the sign in-house. You have complete control over the outcome of the final sign this way. In addition, the company should have an installation team that can handle your new business sign with care.

Installation Services

Many sign companies in Leeds have the ability to design a beautiful sign; however, do they know how to install it properly? In many cases, they may rely on a third party to install your business signage. This can cause problems and delays in getting your sign installed and installed correctly.

On the other hand, working with a sign company that does everything in-house, including the installation, can make the entire process that much easier. The right company will deliver your sign with their own transportation and have the right machinery to install the sign correctly.

Choose Kingstal

Kingstal, of all the sign companies Leeds, fulfils all the requirements of a professional company that offers signage services. All the work is done in-house, from the design to the installation of your unique business sign.

Our team works together to ensure you have a sign that meets your requirements and fits your business.

Our company has the experience and knowledge you need for your business signage. Kingstal was established in 1985, and from that time to now, we put the focus on our customers and their needs. Plus, we bring a talented team and workforce to your signage project. With our entire team, we can make your signage ideas come to life.

So, why not contact us today? We’re happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have about our sign services. We’re looking forward to working with you and creating the business sign of your dreams!


Here at Kingstal we pride ourselves in being able to help you from the very start of the project with our in-house design team. We have the latest software in 3D modelling and CAD. Being experts in structural design we’re also able to supply you with the confidence that your projects are designed in line with the latest regulations. From an original artists impression, or even a sketch, to a full set of supplied fabrication drawings, Kingstal can supply you with all.

Kingstal eliminate the need for multiple contractors to be involved in your bespoke project.

We boast extensive project management capabilities. Contact us to make your ideas become a reality.



In the UK, welder approval codes are to BS EN and ISO standards, each of our welders have a wide range of coding to cover the wide range of services that we offer. it is a legal requirement for all structural steel to be fabricated to at least execution class 2, and to fabricate to this standard, all welds must be to the correct procedures.


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Cert no. 15650

Cert no. 15650